The Plight Of An Old Mother

“Maa, I am going to my office. See you in the evening. Take care of yourself and call me when you need anything”, she said.

“Eat that apple from the fridge and go”, her mom yelled in her shivering voice.

“I’ll eat outside. Don’t worry”, she said rushing towards her car.

“I hope I could cook food for her everyday. My situation is this bad where I can’t even move from my bed”, groaned her mom.

After few weeks, her mom got better and better that she could walk.

She started cooking food for her daughter. She could do all the things that could help her daughter. She was still sick though. But she could get all the energy when she has to cook food for her daughter.

It was a Friday morning. Her daughter took a week’s leave so that she can spend some quality time with her mother.

She asked her mother, “Why don’t we go on a vacation of a week?”

“I am still not completely well. I might trouble you all the time. I don’t think that is the good idea” , said her mother.

She somehow convinced her mother to go on a trip to a pilgrimage.

They packed all the clothes. She had a separate bag for the medicines. Made sure everything that are needed were taken. Took all the precautions. Took her mother to a doctor for a regular checkup, a day before the vacation.

Doctor told her ,”Her health looks okay now. You can take her to the vacation. But please be careful. If you need anything give me a call”

“Okay uncle. Don’t worry. I will take care of mom. You take care of yourself”, she said.

Doctor was a close friend of her father. He knew her since her childhood.

“Hmm! She being young and talented, she needs to limit herself to this place. She can’t go anywhere. She always need to take care of her mother. She doesn’t have a personal life of her own”, he sighed.

She planned this trip with her best friend. She and her friend took her mom to the airport. They reached the pilgrimage. Her mother used to get asthma attacks during the night. She couldn’t get some good sleep. She was awake taking care of her mother the entire night.

Bharthi was very happy because she could spend time with her mother. They were laughing, making fun to each other, pulling each other’s leg, clicking cute selfies by making weird faces, buying beautiful jewelry. She had asthma attacks in between but that was just like a dark spot on the moon. The beauty of the moon is still indescribable even with the dark spot.

They were returning from the pilgrimage to the airport in a bus. Everyone in the bus were sleeping. Her mother slept first. She looked into her mother’s calm face and thought to herself, “Ah! She looks happy now!” And she dozed off thinking the same.

After an hour or so, her mom woke up and she wanted some water. She saw her daughter sleeping with her mouth wide open. She tried waking her up. But she did not wake up. She started crying and tried harder to wake her up. She was shocked to death. She was not able to understand what to do. She called Bharthi’s friend  and explained that she is not waking up with broken sentences and shivering voice. Her friend did not understand a thing what she said. But she looked at her friend and saw her mouth wide open and her body was cold. She understood the situation. She started sprinkling water on her friend’s face. She did not wake up. She told Bharthi’s mother “Aunty, don’t worry. The blood pressure is low. Let’s give her some water.”

Her friend gave her some water and made her drink coconut water(which they bought for her mother).

In the meanwhile, her mother was feeling extremely guilty. Because of her she was not able to sleep in the night and she skipped food a few times because she had to take care of her mother.

She felt angry for being sick.

Slowly she started feeling “If I was bed ridden, we wouldn’t have come to this trip”.

Her friend tried all means to wake her up. She slapped her few times. Finally she woke up.

Her mom had tears of joy. Her friend gave her ORS.

After that she could talk a bit. She told her friend that she is alright. Her mom was still weeping. She looked at her mother and then felt so bad. She told her mother that she is alright. Her mom started saying sorry. She said,”I am so sorry, kanna. You fell sick because of me.” She started crying again.

Bharthi gave a tight hug to her mother and kissed on her cheek and said “I am alright, maa. Don’t worry. And also sorry for all this panic that I have created .I will eat properly. Only then, I can pull your leg and make fun of you, right?”. She winked looking at her friend.

2 thoughts on “The Plight Of An Old Mother

  1. Simple Awesome… Was bit shocked when read the sentence of death, it broke my heart and curious to read the further the blog for hoping for happy ending and its narrated superb😍👍


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