What happens if you try to be someone else?!

Every human being is gifted with their own set of talents and inabilities. The combination is perfect for that particular person. This makes that person an individual. Sometimes we just feel the entire universe is conspiring against us and we feel like changing ourselves to fit in. We basically try to become someone else whom we feel are the perfect human beings.

“Perfect” is a way too overrated word. There is nothing called perfect. No one can be perfect.

The moment you try to be someone else, you always have the limited knowledge about that person. You keep doing the things that you know about them. But you don’t know that person completely, that’s why you can never be that person.

In the process of being that person, you will loose yourself. And this is dangerous. At one point of time in life, you will feel that “I am not good enough”. But that “YOU” you are talking about is not actually you. Your “YOU” has already gone. Hence, you will not feel happy in your skin at all.

You do different things to make yourself better. But when you are not “You”, you don’t know what to do with the “so-called-you”. This leads to anxiety, frustration, low morale.

Basically, this happens to people who have low self esteem. They don’t really know that the gem that they have been searching elsewhere is somewhere buried inside them.

Some might feel the gem is a rock and is of no use. The only thing you got to do is bring that gem outside and start trusting it. Once you do that, you will start feeling yourself. You will be very happy in your skin.

But anyway, if the gem is not shining like the way you want it to be, you just need to polish it. You should not abandon it.

Do Not Try To Be Someone Else. Because You Are Good Enough!!

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