Move On!

Every morning, I wake up with a positive energy. The vibes are so positive that it drives me with utmost enthusiasm. But one day, I woke up from my bed and then I experience the most uncanny vibe which is dragging me down. This feeling is really bad. The betrayal of life is the “exaggerated pain” one can ever experience. I was experiencing the same. Earlier, life was so sorted. But now it is shattered.

         I had no experience handling such situations. But now I have to handle. “I am a grown-up now, I should know how to handle such situations”, I said to myself. But I had no idea what to do. I thought, as I am a newbie to this,let me ask few experienced personalities…!But my situation was way too different and their approach is also different. I used to get nightmares which used to steal my next day’s peace.

        Then one fine morning I woke up and said to myself that “its enough”. I am going to find a way. This decision should be a path-breaking decision which will change my life. I recapitulated my whole life and thought to myself that “This is not something new to me ….I have dealt with such situations many times”. Then I readily accepted the fact that I can handle this situation(which I was not able to gauge lately). But the most important thing which is necessary to handle that situation was lacking. I completely lost my confidence. To recoup my confidence and to handle the situation, the only thing which was the need of the hour, back then was “MOVING ON”. “MOVE ON” helps to accept the situation and find the solution as soon as possible. I did the same. I moved on.Then a solution stuck my head…and I worked really hard to gain my confidence back. And to my surprise I won!!!!

       From that very day, I don’t get nightmares which changes my next day’s peace. And again I found myself. Now I am back on track and “NOBODY CAN DRAG DOWN”.This was possible when I realised to “MOVE ON”.

        Life is so tortuous. It is necessary to regain your confidence at every twist and every turn.Only then your journey on that track before another twist and turn will be peaceful.

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