I learned a lot of lessons in 2015. Lessons about friendship, academics(how to study and how not to study) ,smart work, how to handle your peer and many more. I will always lookup to these lessons in 2015 for the rest of my life. Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. And I’m really glad that I made new mistakes and admitted my mistake and learnt accordingly.

This year I had fights, happy and nostalgic moments. I started loving myself. Gained self-confidence. This year I almost lost myself just to fit in and learnt that this is not the way I have to be.

I was able to do all this only when I started admitting my mistakes.

The biggest lesson taught by 2015 is “Your life has everything what you want and need. Don’t get upset for petty things. Because you have a roof over your head, sufficient food(frankly speaking more than what I need), very good family” What else do you need???

When the sky started the biggest downpour in Chennai which soon turned into a massive flood. Water started accumulating and soon people started losing hope. People of Chennai lost their valuable property. And soon electricity was down. And then later there was no trace of food for the families those were stuck in the flood. And later something worse happened.People Of Chennai were not able to communicate with the rest of the world. I wondered what will the people do without the basic amenities. I thought that how can people live like that. And then I looked into my life, something triggered my mind which was really strong. I have everything in my life or I even have more than what i need. I always crib when I don’t get what i want. But after this incident, I always put Chennai as a reference and then feel my problem is really tiny. And to my surprise, solving that particular problem became easy. And now I find this life filled with happiness and I have the strength to handle any situation with ease.

Chennai Floods brought a remarkable change not only in Chennaites but also in me.

Now there are no regrets in my life. There is breathe of fresh air and a brand new ray of hope .

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