The Story of Lakshmi

Its rare to find people who can imagine themselves in others’ shoes and feel the pain. And its even more rare to find people who actually do something for others after feeling the pain.

Lakshmi, a 40-year old maid who works in a small hotel in Bengaluru, India. She comes to every single room, picks up the garbage and cleans the room if someone asks for it. If people are very happy with her service, they give her extra money.

It was April and time for some quick weekend getaway. We stayed at the same hotel where Lakshmi worked.

I was suffering from a serious sunstroke. I wanted to drink tender coconut. Unfortunately, there was no tender coconut stall nearby. We lost all our hopes on this.

There she came, wanting to pick the garbage from our room. My aunt happened to ask her if there are any tender coconut stalls nearby and she told her how miserable my situation was and asked her to get few coconuts from outside.

In the hot sun, without expecting a penny from us, she brought three coconuts for us. Unfortunately, we did not have the right equipments to cut in the tender coconut . We asked her, if she could get a knife. She was not allowed to take the knife from the kitchen. Yet, she managed to convince the people in-charge. The coconut shell was so hard that it was impossible for any of us to cut open. She put her 100% efforts in this and she told us that one strong hit will serve the purpose.

Sadly, that one strong hit, cut her hand. Blood was oozing from her hand. She still continued to work for us. And finally she did cut the coconut and gave it to us.

She could have said “I can’t do it”. But she did not do that. She could feel my pain and thus she did what she feels like.

Lakshmi, is a strong-willed and caring human being. She insisted us not to give more money. But we somehow managed to give it to her. She deserves something which is more than money.

Such people make us feel that humanity is still not extinct in this world. She did not do this for any material benefit.

She maybe a bai (means maid in hindi language) but she definitely is a Lakshmi bai (click here to read more about Lakshmi bai)

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