How is #Leetags app? (App Review!)

What is Leetags??

Leetags is an Instagram hashtag generator.

Hashtags generator, if you need more followers and likes on Instagram. You can search and copy hashtags from this app. Every hashtag shows the percentage of reach that can have. Accordingly, we can select the hashtag relevant to that post.


This app has in-app purchases as well.

You might as well ask, what is a hashtag?

It’s a word or a phrase preceded by a hash mark, used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it(P.S: I have googled this definition though).

Story time:

Chris Messina, a social technology expert, is credited to have come up with the very first hashtag on Twitter.

He first posted the hashtag #barcamp in August 2007. The whole tweet appeared like this:

?how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]??

Messina came up with the hashtag with the purpose of gathering discussions and online exchanges regarding Barcamp, a technology unconference gathering activity that spans worldwide.

Back to Leetags!

Leetags has particular categories in it. You need not search the keyword in the ocean of hashtags. You can just click on any categories that your Instagram post relates to. This way, if you miss out on any hashtags considering they won’t be that impactful, you can discover them this way.

This app allows to add few hashtags as favorites as well. Need not go through the pain of searching from the search bar. If you have saved it as favorite, you can just access it from there.

This is a pretty simple app to generate powerful hashtags.

How did this app help me in getting likes and followers:

This app helped me get relevant followers into my Instagram page who are genuinely interested in the content that I put out there.

Cons of this app:

There have been few times when we copy, it somehow copies different and random hashtags, which is quite annoying.

Link to download the app:

Click here to download the app!

Rating time:

I will rate this app “4.5” out of 5.

The Plight Of An Old Mother

“Maa, I am going to my office. See you in the evening. Take care of yourself and call me when you need anything”, she said.

“Eat that apple from the fridge and go”, her mom yelled in her shivering voice.

“I’ll eat outside. Don’t worry”, she said rushing towards her car.

“I hope I could cook food for her everyday. My situation is this bad where I can’t even move from my bed”, groaned her mom.

After few weeks, her mom got better and better that she could walk.

She started cooking food for her daughter. She could do all the things that could help her daughter. She was still sick though. But she could get all the energy when she has to cook food for her daughter.

It was a Friday morning. Her daughter took a week’s leave so that she can spend some quality time with her mother.

She asked her mother, “Why don’t we go on a vacation of a week?”

“I am still not completely well. I might trouble you all the time. I don’t think that is the good idea” , said her mother.

She somehow convinced her mother to go on a trip to a pilgrimage.

They packed all the clothes. She had a separate bag for the medicines. Made sure everything that are needed were taken. Took all the precautions. Took her mother to a doctor for a regular checkup, a day before the vacation.

Doctor told her ,”Her health looks okay now. You can take her to the vacation. But please be careful. If you need anything give me a call”

“Okay uncle. Don’t worry. I will take care of mom. You take care of yourself”, she said.

Doctor was a close friend of her father. He knew her since her childhood.

“Hmm! She being young and talented, she needs to limit herself to this place. She can’t go anywhere. She always need to take care of her mother. She doesn’t have a personal life of her own”, he sighed.

She planned this trip with her best friend. She and her friend took her mom to the airport. They reached the pilgrimage. Her mother used to get asthma attacks during the night. She couldn’t get some good sleep. She was awake taking care of her mother the entire night.

Bharthi was very happy because she could spend time with her mother. They were laughing, making fun to each other, pulling each other’s leg, clicking cute selfies by making weird faces, buying beautiful jewelry. She had asthma attacks in between but that was just like a dark spot on the moon. The beauty of the moon is still indescribable even with the dark spot.

They were returning from the pilgrimage to the airport in a bus. Everyone in the bus were sleeping. Her mother slept first. She looked into her mother’s calm face and thought to herself, “Ah! She looks happy now!” And she dozed off thinking the same.

After an hour or so, her mom woke up and she wanted some water. She saw her daughter sleeping with her mouth wide open. She tried waking her up. But she did not wake up. She started crying and tried harder to wake her up. She was shocked to death. She was not able to understand what to do. She called Bharthi’s friend  and explained that she is not waking up with broken sentences and shivering voice. Her friend did not understand a thing what she said. But she looked at her friend and saw her mouth wide open and her body was cold. She understood the situation. She started sprinkling water on her friend’s face. She did not wake up. She told Bharthi’s mother “Aunty, don’t worry. The blood pressure is low. Let’s give her some water.”

Her friend gave her some water and made her drink coconut water(which they bought for her mother).

In the meanwhile, her mother was feeling extremely guilty. Because of her she was not able to sleep in the night and she skipped food a few times because she had to take care of her mother.

She felt angry for being sick.

Slowly she started feeling “If I was bed ridden, we wouldn’t have come to this trip”.

Her friend tried all means to wake her up. She slapped her few times. Finally she woke up.

Her mom had tears of joy. Her friend gave her ORS.

After that she could talk a bit. She told her friend that she is alright. Her mom was still weeping. She looked at her mother and then felt so bad. She told her mother that she is alright. Her mom started saying sorry. She said,”I am so sorry, kanna. You fell sick because of me.” She started crying again.

Bharthi gave a tight hug to her mother and kissed on her cheek and said “I am alright, maa. Don’t worry. And also sorry for all this panic that I have created .I will eat properly. Only then, I can pull your leg and make fun of you, right?”. She winked looking at her friend.

What happens if you try to be someone else?!

Every human being is gifted with their own set of talents and inabilities. The combination is perfect for that particular person. This makes that person an individual. Sometimes we just feel the entire universe is conspiring against us and we feel like changing ourselves to fit in. We basically try to become someone else whom we feel are the perfect human beings.

“Perfect” is a way too overrated word. There is nothing called perfect. No one can be perfect.

The moment you try to be someone else, you always have the limited knowledge about that person. You keep doing the things that you know about them. But you don’t know that person completely, that’s why you can never be that person.

In the process of being that person, you will loose yourself. And this is dangerous. At one point of time in life, you will feel that “I am not good enough”. But that “YOU” you are talking about is not actually you. Your “YOU” has already gone. Hence, you will not feel happy in your skin at all.

You do different things to make yourself better. But when you are not “You”, you don’t know what to do with the “so-called-you”. This leads to anxiety, frustration, low morale.

Basically, this happens to people who have low self esteem. They don’t really know that the gem that they have been searching elsewhere is somewhere buried inside them.

Some might feel the gem is a rock and is of no use. The only thing you got to do is bring that gem outside and start trusting it. Once you do that, you will start feeling yourself. You will be very happy in your skin.

But anyway, if the gem is not shining like the way you want it to be, you just need to polish it. You should not abandon it.

Do Not Try To Be Someone Else. Because You Are Good Enough!!

The Story of Lakshmi

Its rare to find people who can imagine themselves in others’ shoes and feel the pain. And its even more rare to find people who actually do something for others after feeling the pain.

Lakshmi, a 40-year old maid who works in a small hotel in Bengaluru, India. She comes to every single room, picks up the garbage and cleans the room if someone asks for it. If people are very happy with her service, they give her extra money.

It was April and time for some quick weekend getaway. We stayed at the same hotel where Lakshmi worked.

I was suffering from a serious sunstroke. I wanted to drink tender coconut. Unfortunately, there was no tender coconut stall nearby. We lost all our hopes on this.

There she came, wanting to pick the garbage from our room. My aunt happened to ask her if there are any tender coconut stalls nearby and she told her how miserable my situation was and asked her to get few coconuts from outside.

In the hot sun, without expecting a penny from us, she brought three coconuts for us. Unfortunately, we did not have the right equipments to cut in the tender coconut . We asked her, if she could get a knife. She was not allowed to take the knife from the kitchen. Yet, she managed to convince the people in-charge. The coconut shell was so hard that it was impossible for any of us to cut open. She put her 100% efforts in this and she told us that one strong hit will serve the purpose.

Sadly, that one strong hit, cut her hand. Blood was oozing from her hand. She still continued to work for us. And finally she did cut the coconut and gave it to us.

She could have said “I can’t do it”. But she did not do that. She could feel my pain and thus she did what she feels like.

Lakshmi, is a strong-willed and caring human being. She insisted us not to give more money. But we somehow managed to give it to her. She deserves something which is more than money.

Such people make us feel that humanity is still not extinct in this world. She did not do this for any material benefit.

She maybe a bai (means maid in hindi language) but she definitely is a Lakshmi bai (click here to read more about Lakshmi bai)

How asinine of me!

When I look at myself, I feel laconic at times. That’s because I always trouble my inner self so very much that I feel ashamed. I always look for myself in someone else’s book. It’s quite obvious that you can find only a tinge of yourself in that book. When somebody tells me that I am good, then I add that to my strengths. When someone says “you like fruits”, then I add them to my favourites. When someone says that “looks like you like me”, then I start over thinking. And finally I start liking that person.

I have been living this life for a long time now. There is no self respect. If someone persuades me to do something, I will do that. It’s like I have a curse. This curse will not allow me to say no. If I had to say no, then the only question that gets triggered in my mind is “Am I a bad person”.

I have been hurting myself like this since many years. One thing I always used to wonder, if I am a part of their book, why will they erase my name from the “table of contents”? I always used to feel bad when someone forgets me or someone criticises me. I did know that everybody has their own set of positives and negatives. But I keep forgetting about my negatives.

After few vitriolic experiences, I understood that, not everything written in somebody else’ book is me. I am somebody else. I need not run behind anybody. Then slowly I understood that I had identity crisis and inferiority complex.

I was wasting my precious time impressing somebody else. Why should I?

I always gave love and expected the same from everybody.

Then I entered into “I am a bad girl” phase

After few days of serious introspection, I understood that, there is nothing wrong in my behaviour. The only mistake I did was I was expecting from everybody. Expectations ruin everything. I always thought that everyone should think well about me.

But when you experience a grain of reality, you either feel happy or sad. This reality made me sad. But once I accepted the reality, I became the most idyllic person. I don’t search for myself in somebody else’s book. I have my own book. I read it very often. Thanks to reality!


I learned a lot of lessons in 2015. Lessons about friendship, academics(how to study and how not to study) ,smart work, how to handle your peer and many more. I will always lookup to these lessons in 2015 for the rest of my life. Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. And I’m really glad that I made new mistakes and admitted my mistake and learnt accordingly.

This year I had fights, happy and nostalgic moments. I started loving myself. Gained self-confidence. This year I almost lost myself just to fit in and learnt that this is not the way I have to be.

I was able to do all this only when I started admitting my mistakes.

The biggest lesson taught by 2015 is “Your life has everything what you want and need. Don’t get upset for petty things. Because you have a roof over your head, sufficient food(frankly speaking more than what I need), very good family” What else do you need???

When the sky started the biggest downpour in Chennai which soon turned into a massive flood. Water started accumulating and soon people started losing hope. People of Chennai lost their valuable property. And soon electricity was down. And then later there was no trace of food for the families those were stuck in the flood. And later something worse happened.People Of Chennai were not able to communicate with the rest of the world. I wondered what will the people do without the basic amenities. I thought that how can people live like that. And then I looked into my life, something triggered my mind which was really strong. I have everything in my life or I even have more than what i need. I always crib when I don’t get what i want. But after this incident, I always put Chennai as a reference and then feel my problem is really tiny. And to my surprise, solving that particular problem became easy. And now I find this life filled with happiness and I have the strength to handle any situation with ease.

Chennai Floods brought a remarkable change not only in Chennaites but also in me.

Now there are no regrets in my life. There is breathe of fresh air and a brand new ray of hope .

Move On!

Every morning, I wake up with a positive energy. The vibes are so positive that it drives me with utmost enthusiasm. But one day, I woke up from my bed and then I experience the most uncanny vibe which is dragging me down. This feeling is really bad. The betrayal of life is the “exaggerated pain” one can ever experience. I was experiencing the same. Earlier, life was so sorted. But now it is shattered.

         I had no experience handling such situations. But now I have to handle. “I am a grown-up now, I should know how to handle such situations”, I said to myself. But I had no idea what to do. I thought, as I am a newbie to this,let me ask few experienced personalities…!But my situation was way too different and their approach is also different. I used to get nightmares which used to steal my next day’s peace.

        Then one fine morning I woke up and said to myself that “its enough”. I am going to find a way. This decision should be a path-breaking decision which will change my life. I recapitulated my whole life and thought to myself that “This is not something new to me ….I have dealt with such situations many times”. Then I readily accepted the fact that I can handle this situation(which I was not able to gauge lately). But the most important thing which is necessary to handle that situation was lacking. I completely lost my confidence. To recoup my confidence and to handle the situation, the only thing which was the need of the hour, back then was “MOVING ON”. “MOVE ON” helps to accept the situation and find the solution as soon as possible. I did the same. I moved on.Then a solution stuck my head…and I worked really hard to gain my confidence back. And to my surprise I won!!!!

       From that very day, I don’t get nightmares which changes my next day’s peace. And again I found myself. Now I am back on track and “NOBODY CAN DRAG DOWN”.This was possible when I realised to “MOVE ON”.

        Life is so tortuous. It is necessary to regain your confidence at every twist and every turn.Only then your journey on that track before another twist and turn will be peaceful.

Welcome to my blog!

Every thing in this world has an interesting view point. If the curious person tends to becomes more curious to understand these things, then something like this happens.

I always wanted to write down all my curious findings of different things into a blog. Now here I am doing the same. Interestingly, the blog posts comprises of many things like How life is very much related to Programming, Python, Impactful stories, thought provoking short stories, Music, illustrations and many more.